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How many of you have gone to a beach and have taken their best shot to later post it on Instagram? I think the answer will be millions and maybe billions of us as an individual hitting beaches all four seasons. Well, not billions, but according to statistics, it is estimated that over 213 million people have posted a photo on Instagram with the hashtag beach so far. 

Therefore, in order to make your next instagram beachy photo pop a little more, here are some of the most popular beaches in the world.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia:

Have you ever gone to a place that has crystal white silica sands or a bright turquoise sea water? Well, if you haven’t, then give this beach a number one spot on your bucket list as this beach is the most visited beach on instagram. As of now there are over 159k photos featuring the whitehaven beach hashtag. People from all around the world are coming to this beach and sharing their wonderful experience, getting connected and enjoying their trip to this dreamy land of water, sand and sky.

2. Lanikai beach, Hawaii:

Being in the top most consistently ranked beaches in the world, Lanikai beach is one such favourite spot for all the fashion and travel photographers visiting to get that iconic beachy shot. Also known to be the second most instagrammed beach with over 148k posts, this beach gives a flattering golden sand to dip your toes in while shooting your memorable shoot on this beach.

3) Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda:

The beauty of this beach lies on the pinky toned soft sands and the bright blue colour of the sea hitting the shore. It’s no wonder why people from all across the world looks forward to this beach in Bermuda. Having almost 114k posts with the Horseshoe Bay hashtag, this beach ranks on the third most popular beaches in the world. So, anytime you’re planning to visit this beach, try to come here during those long easter weekends to enjoy the local festival named kite festival.

4) Cayo Coco Beach, Cuba:

Famous for its all-inclusive resorts, this beach has one of the largest colonies of pink flamingos in the world. Anyone who loves looking at flamingos and dipping their toes in a pillow soft sand should come around to see this living paradise. This beach has almost 106k up rising photographers picture with mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing images of this beach.

5) Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic:

As declared by UNESCO to be one of the best beaches in the world, Bavaro beach is indeed well known for its soft sand and rows of coconut trees with crystal clear blue waters of the sea. With almost 123k photos on Instagram, this beach gives a natural yet soothing feel to any individual who wants to relax and just throw themselves in the bright blue water.

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