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Beaches are simply a definition of white sands meeting the crystal clear water and ocean meeting the sky and sun to create a lovely sunset and sunrise moment. A sunset or a sunrise at the beach is one of the most beautiful and perfect time where an individual can go by themselves or with friends and families. It is a place that relaxes your mind and helps in generating your mind for later creativity and ideas.

Hence, in a world where you have pink sand beaches creating an everlasting memories you also have white sand beaches making that perfect wedding ceremony. Plus where tropical beaches give you the best insta moment there an exotic beach just simply amazes you by its beauty.

Therefore, the beaches do come in all different variants and aesthetics and so if you want to know the different types of beaches in the world then keep on reading.  

The Different Types of Beaches

Sandy Beaches:

Sandy beach is the most common and popular type of beaches that people generally go to. The sand on the beach plays a most important part in making a beach seem extra pleasing and extra amazing. As most of us are familiar with the white sand beaches in the world, there is a whole other row of colourful sandy beaches that you need to see in order to trust the colours.

Now the sand on the beaches comes from the rocks and minerals that upon breakage forms into these tiny particles by tides, waves and coastal erosion. These sands come in different colours in the whole world. The various colours include bright purple, green, red, black, white and pink where all of them are influenced by the different local minerals.   

Boulder Beaches:

Boulder beaches are like a perfect exotic beach that can give the best photoshoots for a person. It looks exotic and feels like a beach that you dream about. Now the size of a boulder on a boulder beach range from tiny pebbles to the huge house like boulders. A person can literally stand on it or sit on it to click amazing pictures because these boulders are smooth and not sharp. An example of a Boulder beach can be your Valugan Boulder Beach in Batanes, Philippines.

Urban Beaches:

Urban beaches are the kind of beaches that are artificially created environment and are designed to replicate a beach like experience. Usually they use sand, beach umbrellas and seating elements to give a vibe of a beach at an urban setting. Most of the urban beaches are built near the water and some are built in parks or other urban areas. However, one cannot swim in these waters, but they can wear their regular swimwear to feel the vibe of the beach without a beach. In the urban beaches category some of the most popular beaches in the world include  Shanghai’s Sunny Beach, Toronto’s HtO Park and Vienna’s Sand in the City.

So, these are some of the different types of beaches in the world that you can visit to get an experience of how a green sandy beach or an urban beach would feel like. Pretty sure these are the tiny little things that gives a smile on our face and let’s us escape the tension of the work life. So, next time you’re planning your trip to the beaches, you know what and which kind of beach you would like to visit.

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