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In this fast pace of ever changing world, people often tend to get negative thoughts, negative energy and anxiety issues. Sometimes the pressure of completing the work within deadlines usually makes any individual tiresome and frustrated at times.

At such times like these, an individual can declutter the thoughts and negative energy by taking a walk to the beach. Here the role of a beautiful beach in our daily life is pretty simple. We go there to meditate, walk and often make ourselves escape the city rush. People all over the world loves the scenic beauty and the sound of the calm waves hitting the shore. The beach is such a beautiful spot that no man on earth can ever stop himself from making a trip to the beach.

So, in order to help you find your perfect beach, we have rounded up some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful beaches in the world. Here are top 5 beaches in the world that you with your family can come for some decluttering of the thoughts and rejuvenating of your mind.

1) Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii:

If you want to know how heaven feels like, then plan your trip to Na Pali Coast of Hawaii. Situated on the northwest side of Kauai Island, this place is best known for giving you a heavenly feel of a rocky mountain and the calmness of the sea, just in one place. This place can also be seen via travelling with a boat or a canoe. But the original beauty of this place lies on the path where these seasoned trekkers travels from. A seasoned trekkers can explore this Na Pali Coast by going through a Kalalau Trail. This trail is a 11 mile trip that can be little bit tiring for any new time trekkers.

2) Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz, Turkey:

This beach is famous for its calmness and the attractive deep blue waters. Situated on the southwest coast of Turkey, this place is highly good for engaging in Paragliding activity as the Blue Lagoon beach has the best panoramic views with a pretty stable weather conditions.

Here, visitors can also expect a very relaxed environment and a beautiful sound of the beach waves.

3) Boracay White Beach, Philippines:

Situated on the south of Manila, this beach has received many awards from innumerable travel agencies and publications. Famous for being one of the top destinations for relaxation in the world, this place not only offers a peaceful environment but also provides tons of beach activities for visitors to enjoy their stay in the Philippines.

4) Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand:

Located on the coast of the Railay Peninsula, this beach is great for avoiding all the city rush and pollution creating travel vehicles. The only travel mode that is available for this beach is by a longtail boat. The roads that are connecting have been cut off so thus the only mode of travel is via boat. For anyone who wants to get a feel of a true nature should make a visit to this land of no road but only footpaths and sand.

5) Bingin Beach, Bali, Indonesia:

For any surfers, their first need is a wave that is powerful and demanding in nature. Especially a trained and professional surfer gets a sort of adrenaline rush whenever they see a challenging wave in the ocean. Bingin Beach is one such spot for all you surfers out there. If you want to get an experience of 8 foot swells, then make a trip to this amazing beach of Bali.

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