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The most beautiful yet peaceful place on the earth where any individual feels relaxed is a beach with no human waste in the sea. A clean beach is just like a second home, you don’t feel like leaving it or dumping any waste in it. You just feel like laying down in the sand and feeling the ocean waves hitting the shore. The relaxation that we get from the beach is just angelic, pleasing and mesmerizing.

Therefore, for anyone of you who wants to plan a trip or wants to maintain their bucket list should check out these top cleanest beaches in the world. These are some of the prettiest and the cleanest beaches in the world that you must travel once in your lifetime.

1.Palm beach, Aruba:

Famous for its calm waters and stretched out sandy line of bars and restaurants, this beach is the most beautiful and the cleanest beach in the world. Whether you’re a solo traveller or travelling with your family, taking a trip to this beach will provide you with some of the coolest and the exciting activities of all time. Activities like snorkeling and parasailing will be a great and a fun option in this peaceful beach.

2.Matira Beach, Bora Bora:

One of the popular beaches of all time, Matira Beach is indeed a gorgeous and an attractive beach to plan a trip for your next summer holiday vacation. The fresh air with pristine white sands of this beach gives a paradise feel for any individual. If you’re planning a trip with your family, then this place would be a wonderful place for your children to play sandcastles and to swim in the ocean.

3.Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii:

Situated on the North shore of Oahu in Hawaii, this beach is famous for its big and challenging waves in the winter time. It is a great opportunity for all you surfers out there to plan a trip to this clean beach. Just come around here in the winter to explore the demanding waves and who knows you might come across some of the great surfers of all time.

Although, winter is for surfers, summer can be yours, the water at this time is usually calm and great for taking a sunbath or indulging in a fun spot like snorkeling. So, whether you’re a summer person or a winter, planning a trip to this beach will definitely make you want to come here again and again.

4.El Nido, Palawan:

According to Condé Nast Traveler’s list, El Nido ranks top 4th in the 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. Being ranked on such a top level, this beach doesn’t fail to provide with utmost facilities to their customers. On this beach a person can enjoy sunbathing, taking a walk or even going for fun activities like kayaking and scuba diving. While enjoying the activities, the beach also provides delicious and finger licking barbecues with some refreshing cocktails and mocktails.


Maldives is one such place that has tons of beaches that you can choose from and each and every beach is by far the most beautiful, peaceful and cleanest beaches in the world. Here a traveller can enjoy the look of the deep blue sea and also sunbathe in golden yellow sands.

All in all, Maldives is a place where you could try out a bunch of different activities and all sorts of delicious cuisines in different beaches of Maldives like Reethi Beach, Dhiggiri, Veligandu Island, Cocoa Island, Hulhumale, Vabbinfaru Island and many more.

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